Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Step Right up for the Puppet Show!

Monday, June 28, 2004
U.S. Transfers "power" to Iraq - Meaningless!
Pomp and circumstance, smoke and mirrors, absolutely meaningless. Raise the Curtain, let the puppet show begin!

Thursday, June 24, 2004
That's Doctor Dylan to you...

Story Here
U.S. Relents - GIs can face War Tribunal
How shady is it that we wanted immunity from this in the first place?
U.S. offers Aid Package to N. Korea
Kinder, Gentler Bush? Spread too thin?
Iran in the Negative Spotlight of late! has noticed that Iran has been copping some negative headlines lately: British boats seized; non-compliance with IAEA (despite their mis-representations of fact); etc.. AND it appears to us that this is similar to the types of stories leaked to the press preceding numerous justifications for military action in the past 25 year history of the U.S.. CONSEQUENTLY, We wouldn't be surprised if there was suddenly justification for "war" with Iran (axis of evil includee) sometime between now and November, say, election time.
Wednesday, June 23, 2004
Wolffy says U.S. underestimated insurgency
Well Duh! Otherwise we wouldn't be in this mess right? How much taxpayer money is this monkey paid to come up with these revelations?
Tuesday, June 22, 2004
Rummy OKd using dogs, other harsh tactics.
Ah hell, it ain't like they're Nobel laureates, they're friggin prisoners of war, right?
Monday, June 21, 2004
48 Nobel Prize Winners Slam Bush, back Kerry!

Website says Saudi insiders abetted kidnap of Paul Johnson
If a website says it, it must be so!
Wednesday, June 16, 2004
DIY Puppet Show

1. Install Puppet that appears "safe" to the American public: not too Arab looking, pretty white, well spoken, good English.
2. Adorn him in tasteful Armani Suits and Accessories.
3. Surround him with bodyguards.
4. Give him whatever he wants so that he's fat and happy.
5. Parade him in front of congress with a well written speech praising the administration.
6. Trot him out for Meet the Press with pre-approved, scripted, question-answer session.
7. Have him continually gush about how much we've helped his country and how successful everything has been in Afghanistan, despite the fact that Afghanistan is now overrun with druglords, warlords, etc..
8. Photograph him often with heads of state while he's making intelligent looking gesticulations.
Tuesday, June 15, 2004
UN calls for truth on Iran's Atomic Program
Whaaaaa! Tired of games and manipulation, the UN is pleading with Iran to be forthright about their Nuclear Program.

You better tell us the truth OR ELSE!!!
Anti-American sentiment growing among Kurds
A. It's about time. We've screwed them repeatedly.

B. Who cares?
Friday, June 11, 2004
"Bin Laden will be found", and I need some soldiers and some money!
The Puppet wagging the Puppeteer. Karzai, whose Armani look is funded by our tax dollars, wants more U.S. and NATO troops. Perhaps Bin Laden will pop-up in Afghanistan just prior to election time?
Bush sees NATO troops in Iraq as "unrealistic".
Quick change of tune that was!
Thursday, June 10, 2004
Not so fast Georgy Boy!
Though it appeared that Jacques Chirac and George W. Bush were lovey-dovey after their kiss and make-up sessions last week, Chirac was quick to criticize Bush for pushing a NATO agenda in Iraq and spoke out at the G8 summit with "Democracy is not a method, it's a culture". Good for you Chirac, don't let Bush and lap-dog Tony Blair steamroll the rest of the free world!
UN Action on Iraq Largely Symbolic!

Like the logo, recent actions by the UN seemingly brown-nosing the US policies in Iraq are really only symbolic, due to one key provision on the recent resolution. That provision is the following: Iraqis do not have the authority to veto U.S.-led military operations. This provision makes all of the other provisions in the recent "resolution" somewhat meaningless.

Saturday, June 05, 2004
Where's the Dunce cap?

Your Caption Here...

Friday, June 04, 2004
SpinControl's Honarary Double Agent of the Week!

Chalabi Baby, Chalabi!

Thursday, June 03, 2004
FBI Seeks source of leak on Iran Code.
What a mess. Is Chalabi just a Scapegoat? Did the U.S. foolishly give this guy Carte Blanche? Obviously U.S. intellignece people once again had a major lapse of intelligence.
UN Envoy calls Bremer a "dictator".
Yeah, so what?
Wednesday, June 02, 2004
"These are not America's puppets"
Condolezza Rice's proclamation that the new Iraqi President and newly elected governing pawns are not puppets sure does beg a lot of questions...

Story Here
Non U.S. backed President selected for Interim Government in Iraq!
A snag in the Puppet Show! Let's see if he lives until the end of the month! Doubtful!
Saturday, May 29, 2004
Smells like Shiite!
U.S. installs new puppet to be premier, pre-empting the UN Envoy who has been working on this process for the past three weeks and who was supposed to be in charge of this selection.
Thursday, May 27, 2004
U.S. Plan for Iraq too Vague, UN Says. France, China Lead Call for True Transfer of Power
One day as the Little Red Hen was scratching in a field, she found a grain of wheat."This wheat should be planted," she said. "Who will plant this grain of wheat?" "Not I," said the Duck.
"Not I," said the Cat.
"Not I," said the Dog.
"Then I will," said the Little Red Hen. And she did.
Soon the wheat grew to be tall and yellow.
"The wheat is ripe," said the Little Red Hen. "Who will cut the wheat?"
"Not I," said the Duck.
"Not I," said the Cat.
"Not I," said the Dog.
"Then I will," said the Little Red Hen. And she did.
When the wheat was cut, the Little Red Hen said, "Who will thresh the wheat?"
"Not I," said the Duck.
"Not I," said the Cat.
"Not I," said the Dog.
"Then I will," said the Little Red Hen. And she did.
When the wheat was threshed, the Little Red Hen said, "Who will take this wheat to the mill?"
"Not I," said the Duck.
"Not I," said the Cat.
"Not I," said the Dog.
"Then I will," said the Little Red Hen. And she did.
She took the wheat to the mill and had it ground into flour. Then she said, "Who will make this flour into bread?"
"Not I," said the Duck.
"Not I," said the Cat.
"Not I," said the Dog.
"Then I will," said the Little Red Hen. And she did.
She made and baked the bread. Then she said, "Who will eat this bread?"
"Oh! I will," said the Duck.
"And I will," said the Cat.
"And I will," said the Dog.
"No, No!" said the Little Red Hen. "I will do that." And she did.
Saturday, May 22, 2004
America's Credibility in Iraq hanging by a thread!
Only 7% of Iraqis vew U.S. as a Liberator according to a new public opion poll conducted for the U.S. authority in Baghdad. 88% view the U.S. as "occupiers". So why are we pissing away all this cash on them?
454 Prisoners released from Abu Ghraib on Friday
Same comment as the previous release - Doesn't buy a lot of PR at this point and now you've [potentially] released a bunch of crooks and troublemakers, possibly anti-U.S. fighters. Dumb.
Saturday, May 15, 2004
Shrine damaged in Holy City prompting cries of revenge on Americans
What a no win situation - the "bad guys" hole up in sacred mosques used as armorys, we go after them, and the whole world of Islam blames us for trashing their mosques.
300 Iraqis freed from Abu Ghraib
In another lame attempt to quell the fallout from the prison scandal, the administration(?) freed hundreds of prisoners from the infamous Abu Ghraib prison. Is this a good idea? It's too late for PR and what about those that were allegedly in this prison for a reason, such as bombing our troops, destabilizing an area, killing our forces? So, they were "bad" enough to warrant imprisonment, and now they're suddenly not a threat? Who's running this mess? Probably a PR firm, somewhere in D.C..
Friday, May 14, 2004
France wants Iraqi interim government to control police and army
Who the fuck cares what France wants?

Story here.
The UGLIEST American. Ever. Period!

This is one sick pig! Read about her slutty antics here.
Rumsfeld makes a surprise visit to Iraq
In a desperate PR attempt to save face and his job, Donald made a "surprise" visit to the troops in Iraq amidst a shit-storm of controversy here in the states. Among the myriad PR stunts Donald indulged in, the most foolish was his attempt to portray "the common man" by engaging in a question-answer session with the troops in Baghdad. Donald even stated "how much more 'fun' being questioned by U.S. troops in Baghdad was going to be than critics in Washington" - oblivious to what was to follow - a grilling which included questions regarding when they would get improved vests and better armor for their Humvees?, whether the military was going to pay for their full airfare home?, why their medical coverage didn't cover their families conditions?, etc...

A classically hilarious Rumsfeld quote from the outing was the following: "The world will see how a free system, a democratic system functions and operates transparently with no cover-up".

(trying to regain composure) All I can say is that we are living in interesting times...

Another silly utterance was Rumsfeld declaring flatly "I'm a survivor". Hmmmmm. Not by democratic choice, I assure you that.

Again (trying to regain composure) All I can say is that we are living in interesting times...

Saturday, May 08, 2004
How Would you Like to Be This LOSER?

P.S. we're referring to the American "soldier".
Prison Scandal Grows...
Now we're hated even more in the Arab world - hard to conceive since we were already *really* hated.
Thursday, May 06, 2004
Shit's gonna hit the fan over the PRISONER ABUSE SCANDAL. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!

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